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Amanda Meadows
Annie Minor
Digital Art:
On Top of the Clouds
By: Grace Butler
Process Explanation:
I created my original digital art piece using the Paint program.  First I stretched the page to make the page bigger.  Then I chose the paint brush option to create my digital art.  I started out by choosing my backgrpund color.  Then I did the same to create my alien, earth, stars, saturn, and my cloud.  Everything in my art piece was freedrawn.


By: Will Poynter

Process Explanation:

The reason I chose "Planet" for my art creation was to satisfy myself while making fun and simple art.  To me, "Space Art" has always neem very fasinating and simple.  The program I used to create my art was called paint.  For the planet sphere, I used the shapes and chose an oval.  For the classic editing, I just drew out random forms of land and had different color ground that matches the environment.  That is how and why I chose "Planet" for my art piece.


PSA Videos:
No Hacking!
By: Travis Peden, Ashley Wright, Will Poynter, and Heather Pursley



By: Gracey Deckard, Landry Steenbergen, and Allison Gorbett